Upcoming Workshop Dates:
October 14 -15, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium
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Book Karin to lead an Art Guidance Cards Workshop:

Are you a Counselor, Therapist, Social Worker, Equine Assisted Practitioner, Life Coach, or Workshop Facilitator?

Are you looking for a simple, yet powerful tool and coaching method you can use with your clients in sessions or workshops?

Karin’s Art Guidance Cards Workshops and Speaking Engagements for Professionals will teach you how to use Art Guidance Cards with your Clients and enhance your sessions!

Art Guidance Cards Method will help you and your clients:

  • attain profound, new insight into your life or situation
  • find life-changing, intuitive answers using inner wisdom
  • get unstuck and see new perspectives
  • discover joy and fulfillment with life, career and business
  • create new solutions based on who you truly are
  • open your true potential – emotionally, spiritually and intuitively

Karin’s Workshops will teach Professional Counselors and Life Coaches:

  • What’s behind the intriguing artwork and the artist’s creation process
  • Learn how Karin incorporated this method in her own coaching sessions
  • Watch live demos on how the Art Guidance Cards method works
  • Build your confidence with the Art Guidance Cards method and tool through hands-on practice sessions
  • Become an expert in successfully introducing the method to your clients in your coaching or counseling practice
  • Employ the Inner Guidance Journals in combination with the cards
  • Get all your questions answered about this tool and method
  • And receive your very own Art Guidance Cards deck and Inner Guidance Journal for your client practice, as well as a Practitioner Certificate

How to Book Karin for Workshops

Karin can be hired to travel to your location to facilitate Art Guidance Cards workshops and speaking engagements. Karin brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise to group facilitation. Karin will engage and teach your audience in her educational, healing, counseling and coaching style. And, you’ll find Karin is very entertaining and personally inspiring! To hire and book Karin for workshops in your area, please follow the 3-step process below, then contact Karin.

Step 1:
Date and Time: Specify your desired dates and times
Location: Specify your location (city, country, venue)
Length: Specify desired length of workshop (1 day or half day)
Audience: Specify audience size, who your participants are (i.e. a group of counselors), and quantity of products required
Fees: Workshop fees vary depending on workshop length and audience size

Step 2:
Upon review of your info, Karin will send you a proposal with all workshop components and costs. A deposit will be required to reserve any future workshop dates.

Step 3:
Once a proposal is accepted and a deposit received, your workshop date is booked for your event. You can now begin inviting your audience, reserve your venue, and promote the Art Guidance Cards workshop. Thank you!

Resources for upcoming Art Guidance Cards workshops

Art Guidance Cards Promo Flyer
Images of Art Guidance Cards
Workshop Evaluation Form

For further info and to hire Karin, please contact us here.

Testimonial from Workshop Participant

“Dear Karin, sincere thanks for the very enjoyable workshop yesterday presenting the Art Guidance Cards. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and felt it had been of personal significance as well as being able to recognize the potential benefits for using the Art Guidance Cards with clients. In fact I used them for the very first client following your presentation and it really helped draw out some deep and powerful understanding about her “blocking” versus “blowing up” dilemma and fears, which enabled us to begin with reframing same. Looking forward to meeting you again at some time in the future.” ~ Steve King, Counselor, Pathways Addiction Center, Penticton, B.C.

Karin’s Bio and Promo Picture:

Karin Bauer, BSW, RSW

Karin Bauer is a personal life coach, writer and artist. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and graduated from the Coach Training Program at Coach Inc. Karin has practiced effective counseling and coaching techniques and combined them with her passion of creative expression. Art Guidance Cards were created as an explorative tool and method to free the inner spirit and inspire personal development.