Art Guidance Card“Hi Karin, I would just like to thank you for the amazing coaching experience I shared with you on my radio Programme – Empowering Space – Your Hour of Power. It was an extremely powerful session for me, as it gave me clarity around the issue. I can see clearly my purpose and message for my radio show. The entire interview can be heard on

I myself coach with cards and find them extremely revealing as they help you get a glimpse into the life of your client through their eyes. This is extremely beneficial as a coach as it helps build rapport, trust and empathy. The cards help the clients tap into their intuition and inner knowing.

Your cards are dynamic in that they do not have concrete forms, but allows the client the freedom to see and project what needs healing and attention in their life at the moment. Combined with powerful coaching questions, this is a powerful tool for self discovery, and one that I have definitely added to my tool box. It can be used with anyone from any culture, religious beliefs, language, age, gender. It helps them bring their brilliance into focus, their intuition, their gifts, their inner wisdom. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I look forward to working with you in the future on another show.” ~ Lydia Mattison, Life Coach, Trinidad,  Caribbean,

“All I can say is ‘WOW’! The experience was so enlightening for me. A dramatic shift occurred as a result of the session. Through Karin’s masterful coaching, I was invited to share my perceptions of the images on the guidance card while viewing the card from different perspectives.
I felt Karin’s presence on the phone while we each sat in front of our computers and viewed the images on the card, one perspective at a time. Karin asked me a variety of questions, including ‘where are you in the card?’ each time we looked at it from a new perspective. What was so fascinating for me was the way in which my imagination allowed me to gain tremendous clarity about the transition I was addressing simply by being present and responding to Karin’s skillfully asked questions.
Karin’s method of coaching with guidance cards is a wonderfully creative way to encourage clients to tap into their own creativity and intuition. The outcome is greater clarity and insight on the coaching situation they are experiencing.”
~ Lisa Kramer, MSW, PCC, Relationship Coach, Villanova, Pennsylvania

“Guidance Cards provide a valuable tool to further clients’ progress both personally and professionally. Karin’s original and provocative artwork stimulates as it uncovers the hidden blocks to your clients fulfilling their destiny—-it is a must-have addition to every coach’s toolkit.”
~Martha D. Humphreys,
“I never thought it would be so much fun to deal with my problems!”
“This enthusiastic response to the Guidance Card series came from one of my clients. We each have the wisdom needed to guide our lives. Often, all we lack is the discipline and lightheartedness to listen to
ourselves and the courage to follow our own guidance. This series is a beautiful and convenient tool with which to practice this listening, gain the trust in yourself that leads to courageous action, and enjoy
doing it. Karin’s artistry and coaching sensitivity in defining the cards, and her thoughtful personal follow-ups, have added a wonderful dimension to my personal and professional practices.”
~ Joyce Jordan, MLA Creation Spirituality
Art-as-Meditation and Personal Spiritual Imagery
Redwood City, CA, USA


“Using the cards elicited my intuitive sense in choosing a direction for a particularly heavy decision. It affirmed the choice that I had already made and I was pleased with the way that these cards caused me to come more from the heart than the head with regard to my decision. When facing large decisions that impact major or all areas of life, it is so easy to go into head-space and have difficulty choosing. The cards helped me feel my bodily sensations with regard to my decision and confirmed that what I had chosen was more the truth for what is right for me. Thank you for the opportunity to trial a sample, Karin. What an excellent tool to use with my coaching clients.” ~ Coach Thea Westra, Perth, Australia,
“Powerful. Thought-provoking and very uplifting. Karin’s art is exceptional and the process unfolds effortlessly as her art draws you in.” ~ Lisa Brady, Illinois, USA

“When I tried the Guidance Cards for the first time, my question was: ‘I want some guidance for my next trip to another country’. The Guidance Card I received was called “Fear or Fire”. I was really amazed! I became aware that I still had a fear based on a past traveling experience which has haunted me at times when traveling. Through this card, I realized that I needed to ‘extinguish the fear with forward action’ just like the card suggested. I went on a lovely holiday to Costa Rica after the Guidance Cards session, and I am happy to say, I had a wonderful time, and the fear was gone.” ~ Rachel S., Kelowna, B.C.


“Your powerful message strikes a warm familiarity in many hearts and souls throughout the world. The thing that I find most amazing is that there are intuitive people like myself who are still searching for confirmations and a community. I believe that we know instinctively there is something more out there, but are at a loss to know where to find the answers to confusing questions. The Guidance Cards are something tangible to bring more light to your journey. I so pray with hope that those people see these Guidance cards.” ~ Susan R., London, England
“As a longtime practitioner of the Tarot – sometimes in readings, sometimes in psychodrama – I am intrigued with the multitude of possibilities of these kinds of Guidance Cards.” ~ Karen Carnabucci, MSS, LCSW, TEP,  Racine, Wisconsin
“I was upset about my relationship and needed some guidance. I did a Guidance Cards session and my burning question was: ‘What to do next with this relationship?’. I was ready to make some changes, but didn’t know what to do. It turned out, that the card I received was “Inner Communication”. It was the most appropriate card I could have gotten, as I needed to better communicate with myself first. This was really amazing because when I look at the image on the card, it’s like a mirror…what I’m actually seeing is what’s inside myself. The image reflected back at me that I needed to be more in tune with my own thoughts and feelings. The Guidance Cards session encouraged me to take action and I signed up for communication classes which saved my relationship.”  ~ April C., Kelowna, B.C.

“Karin, keep doing what you are doing with the Guidance Cards and artwork…your work on the planet is needed and authentic.” ~ Helene Van Manen,, Colorado, USA


“Karin, with her wonderfully spiritual way, has helped me to rekindle my passions in many areas of my life. The Guidance Cards give a vehicle to look into the inner resources of our souls for our own answers. The whole process was self-empowering and exhilarating.” ~ Gary, Fort McMurray, Alberta


“My use of the Guidance Cards in my private practice has been exciting. I first became acquainted with them through a workshop Karin presented in February 2002 for Registered Clinical Counselors in the Kelowna area. Using the process helped me to resolve an issue I was facing in a very practical and resolute manner – with the added dimension of accountability. The process was simple and much appreciated.

Every time I have used the cards (with accompanying comments and questions) with clients I have been left with the clear impression that it has been beneficial for the client – in bringing clarity, connection, inspiration and motivation, with a specific plan of action to be achieved within a specific period of time. Almost every time I have used them it has been an exciting experience for both the client and myself. There have been “aha” moments as well as “wow”! moments; there have been intense emotional moments of tears and/or laughter.

I highly recommend the use of the Guidance Cards by individuals in general and specifically by those in the health/caring professions. They are easy to use, especially accompanied by the Guidance Journal. The results are immediate, practical, and often profound. My experience has been that the use of these cards has been everything Karin suggests. Only good and positive results can be expected!” ~ Sam T. Reimer, Ph.D., R.C.C.,  Restoration Counseling Services, Kelowna, BC.


“Dear Karin, sincere thanks for the very enjoyable workshop yesterday presenting the Guidance Cards. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and felt it had been of personal significance as well as being able to recognize the potential benefits for using the Guidance Cards with clients. In fact I used them for the very first client following your presentation and it really helped draw out some deep and powerful understanding about her “blocking” versus “blowing up” dilemma and fears, which enabled us to begin with reframing same. Looking forward to meeting you again at some time in the future.” ~ Steve King, Counselor, Pathways Addiction Center, Penticton, B.C.