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Art Guidance Cards and Journal

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Art Guidance Cards

Why do You get STUCK?

You get emotionally stuck when you internalize a problem with only one perspective – Your own. If your perspective is based on your own (not so effective) problem solving strategy, you will not see any other solutions. This  one perspective then gets entrenched as you go round and round in your mind, and your lack of other solutions sadly becomes your perceived reality. If this stuck feeling then turns into a life pattern, it can also feed into feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, dread, and inertia! It’s a downward spiral, and that’s why you need to get emotionally unstuck!

How do You get UNSTUCK?

Sometimes the solutions are right in front of you but you just can’t see them. It will feel like magic when you look at and rotate the art images on Art Guidance Cards and answer the specified questions. This method will guide you carefully, gently and powerfully see new perspectives and solutions. The Art Guidance Cards are designed to engage your creative problem solving! The special artwork on Art Guidance Cards helps you to creatively find new resources, opportunities, and insights within minutes! Coupled with the Inner Guidance Journal, you will find new solutions through new perspectives on each rotation of the card! It’s simply amazing!


Utilized by Life Coaches & Therapists & Clients since 2001!
This is how Art Guidance Cards can support Your Inner Growth and Process:

  • As a client or therapist, you will love your unique Art Guidance Cards sessions!
  • As a client or therapist, you will keep coming back excited, curious, ready, wanting to do more sessions, gain more insights!
  • By using creative imagery, everyone’s left brain boredom is gone!

Proven Results of the Art Guidance Cards Method!

  • break through hidden emotional, mental or behavioral barriers
  • encourage a deeper, intuitive connection
  • enable “left brain to right brain shifts” through visual stimulation
  • help reflect a person’s situation like a mirror
  • facilitate “thinking out of the box”
  • build trust in the client’s own wisdom
  • improved communication
  • higher insights and new perspectives
  • deeper awareness
  • bring out the “inner child”, playfulness and fun!

Seeing Is Believing

Art Guidance Cards are a visual reflector of your client’s state and thus will make a huge difference in your coaching or therapy sessions!

Art Guidance Cards will draw out your clients’ natural ability to express their situation and start to “see” new perspectives on their situation.


Life Coaches, Therapists, and Clients rave about their experiences!

I myself coach with cards and find Art Guidance Cards extremely revealing as they help you get a glimpse into the life of your client through their eyes. This is extremely beneficial as a coach as it helps build rapport, trust and empathy. The cards help the clients tap into their intuition and inner knowing.

Lydia Mattison, Life Coach, Trinidad

All I can say is ‘WOW’! The experience was so enlightening for me. A dramatic shift occurred as a result of the session. Art Guidance cards is a wonderfully creative way to encourage clients to tap into their own creativity and intuition. The outcome is greater clarity and insight on the coaching situation they are experiencing.

~ Lisa Kramer, MSW, PCC, Relationship Coach, Pennsylvania

The Art Guidance Cards is a beautiful and convenient tool with which to practice this listening, gain the trust in yourself that leads to courageous action, and enjoy doing it. Art Guidance Cards have added a wonderful dimension to my personal and professional practices.

~ Joyce Jordan, MLA, Art-as-Meditation, CA

This was really amazing because when I look at the image on the card, it’s like a mirror…what I’m actually seeing is what’s inside myself. The image reflected back at me that I needed to be more in tune with my own thoughts and feelings.

~ April C., Kelowna, B.C.